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24/7/365 SERVICE

Precision has been part of our business since our first customer walked through the door nearly 50 years ago. Machining services is where it all started at MacGregors, and it's still a foundational service that we offer.

Our machine shop has now grown to be a modern operation with a highly-skilled people who love a challenge. We work with some of the world’s largest manufacturers to support their spare parts requirements, from simple to complex, through our diverse equipment lineup.


Our customers’ requirements have led us to offer manufacturing in almost any type of material you could need for your project—including a wide range of carbon, stainless, and alloy steels, polymers, brass, and aluminum. We stock a large inventory of materials for those unexpected rush projects, too.


Manual and conventional machining services at MacGregors provides a cost-effective solution for small batch machining, prototype development, and repair services.


Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system ensures that your parts are built to exacting requirements—our modern fleet of machines regularly achieve tolerances up to and including +/- .001”.


CNC machining services at MacGregors provides a reliable cost-effective solution for large batch machining, equipment manufacturing, and highly complex components.


As part of a recent complete overhaul of MacGregors’ CNC machining department, we added a large CNC lathe with live tooling. This enables us to offer you a “lights out” approach to high-volume machining to optimize your cost per part. Programming of your components for CNC production is made simple with the support of our drafting team while providing our customers the confidence of viewing their parts in full 3D prior to manufacturing.


Mobile machining and line boring services at MacGregors brings the repair facility to you, resulting in less downtime, less equipment preparation, and reduced opportunity cost.


The Climax line boring machine with Boretech welder combination enables us to perform portable line boring in one easy step. This eliminates the need to mobilize dual trades to the worksite and maximizes efficiency. Our fabrication and machining facility is also fully-equipped to house your equipment for larger projects—reducing travel costs and keeping production up in a climate-controlled facility.


Our team of hydraulic technicians, millwrights, and machinists has the experience and the equipment to manage your next hydraulic cylinder, gearbox, mechanical drive, or rotating equipment repair. Expect a professional experience backed up with testing and documentation to make you as comfortable as possible.


The Industrial Sales team rounds out the service group with direct access to any other required components. In a world where disposable has become the norm, don’t rule out refurbishment. With a large inventory of materials on hand, and experienced personnel, we’ll get you up and running as quickly as safety permits.