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Working with MacGregors on your next build means you work with a customer-centric company who understands the needs of your industry—whether that be power generation, manufacturing, mining, or others.

Offsite construction is a growing trend in today’s modern industry. Quality, safety, scheduling, and efficiency are just some of the attributes that make a prefabricated approach to your next building project a very wise decision.


The MacGregors approach to prefabrication is highly customizable, so we always meet the exact specifications of your project or industry. Whether you’re after a bare structural shell or complete systems integration with full electrical and mechanical components, we have a solution to meet your needs.


Are you an OEM equipment supplier that needs a commercial grade, factory built enclosure to protect your equipment from the elements?


Do you have hazardous materials that require secure onsite storage?  Do you have a specialized requirement for a prefabricated workspace in a hard to reach or remote location?


We have the solution, with MacGregors’ custom-built prefabricated enclosures.


Electrical control buildings (aka E-Houses) require a robust design, high-level quality control, and certified assembly.


MacGregors has produced dozens of turnkey E-Houses for a wide array of industrial operations including renewable energy, pulp & paper, telecommunications, and hydro generation.


We have an established project team that will integrate full electrical & mechanical systems, switchgear, battery storage, and fire protection equipment to meet your exacting specifications.


Depending on the construction partner that you choose, cold storage and food processing in remote locations can be very complicated or quite simple. MacGregors offers a simple turnkey solution for prefabricated cold storage and food processing facilities. Our solution addresses many key concerns including CFIA compliance, speed of installation, durability, and cost effectiveness.


MacGregors’ line of prefabricated processing buildings have been shipped to several locations in the Canadian Arctic, and have the ability to adapt to any extreme climate where country food processing or community freezer requirements exist.


The "MacGregors Advantage" is  a combination of in-house and offsite capabilities offering you one of the best packaged solutions available in Atlantic Canada.

Why choose MacGregors for your prefabricated building solution?


Our building design and project teams can work with you to complete a needs assessment for your project requirements and select from a wide range of construction methods, material finishes, and trim levels to suit your requirements. 

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